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Maybe Hillary's Onto Something

Maybe Hillary's Onto Something .

Senator Hillary Clinton has accused Senator Barack Obama of making “false and discredited mailings.”

Maybe Hillary is on to something.

Today, Senator Obama said that in 2000, I believed “there was no difference between Al Gore and George Bush.”

In fact, what I said was that the similarities between the two political parties towered over the dwindling differences that they are willing to fight over.

I also described George W. Bush as “a giant corporation running for President masquerading as a human being.”

I repeatedly said that Gore was very knowledgeable about environmental matters.

But he allowed himself to be muzzled during the Clinton administration on key issues like vigorously promoting solar energy and mandatory fuel efficiency standards for motor vehicles.

Both George Bush and Al Gore supported NAFTA and WTO.

And both of them opposed single payer health insurance – as does Obama.

Former Constitutional law lecturer Senator Barack Obama is entitled to his un-nuanced opinions, but not his misstatements of facts.

I invite him to join me in a cooperative effort to put back on the table the necessities of the American people that he, Clinton, and McCain have yanked off the table.

Instead, he resorts to name calling – labeling me a perennial candidate.

Well, Senator Obama, perennial injustices deserve perennial candidates who fight them.