Updated Election Results for Nader/Gonzalez State by State

Corrupt Democrats

Corrupt Democrats .

What do -

Code Pink

Move On

The Nation

The Progressive

In These Times

And the liberal intelligentsia have in common?

They all see clearly that the Democrats will not get us out of Iraq.

They all see clearly that the Democrats will not crack down on corporate crime.

They all see clearly that the Democrats will not support a single payer national health insurance system.

They all see clearly that the Democrats will not cut the bloated, wasteful military budget.

And yet, they refuse to stand up to the Democrats and say - out!

Get out!

Get out now!

We are going to start new.

You are a corrupt party.

And your time has passed.

Time to build something new.

Instead, the liberal intelligentsia continues to hope.

Against hope.

That Clinton.

Or Obama.

Will stand up to the military corporations and their bloated, wasteful military budget.

Even though they know deep down that they will not.

Even in the face of 4,000 Americans dead.

And more than a million Iraqis dead.

And tens of thousands wounded.

They refuse to abandon hope in a corrupt party.

The Democratic Party is gone.

And the liberal intelligentsia is gone.

Yet, as we have seen over the past two months.

Tens of millions of Americans are ready for change.

To move past the two parties.

Toward something new.

And that is what Nader/Gonzalez is about.

Step by step, we are getting on ballots all across the country.

In New Mexico, our volunteers are well on their way to getting Nader/Gonzalez on the ballot.

In Arizona, more than 456 of you have given $36,402 in just one week.

So, we are well on our way toward meeting our goal of raising $50,000 to get us on the ballot in Arizona.

We need just another 150 of you to donate $100 each now, and we can get started in Arizona.

We will not wait for the liberal intelligentsia to give their stamp of approval.

They are gone.

We are organizing against the corrupt two party system.

And we invite you to spread the word to friends and family who are ready to defect.

If you have already given, thank you again.

But please, we need just 150 of you to give $100 now - or whatever you can give - to help get Nader/Gonzalez on the ballot in Arizona.

State by state, we will challenge the corrupt two party system.

Time to start anew.


The Nader Team

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