Updated Election Results for Nader/Gonzalez State by State

Foregone Conclusion

Foregone Conclusion .

They say it’s a foregone conclusion that either Obama or McCain will win the November election.

After all, Obama and McCain are the odds on favorites to win.

On the other hand.

If you believe in betting against the crumbling corporate controlled two-party system.

Then you have a choice.

The long shot independent - Nader/Gonzalez.

(Of course, if you bet and win, all that you will get is a shift of power from the big corporations back to the people. Not bad for politics.)

Remember, you can donate up to the legal limit of $4,600.

But all donations of any size will be used frugally to continue to build a nationwide challenge in November.

(Pictured here, Albert Marino and friends yesterday at the West Virginia Secretary of State’s office in Charleston turning in 10,000 or so signatures - we need 15,000 valid. Albert and crew busted it over the past couple of weeks and are well on their way to putting Nader/Gonzalez on the ballot in the Mountain State. Just one of many scenes of young Nader/Gonzalez activists working hard all across this country for the November long shot.)

So, you can go with the big boys.

Or take a chance with the underdog.

It’s up to you.

As it always has been.

And always will be.


The Nader Team

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