Updated Election Results for Nader/Gonzalez State by State

The AT&T Convention in Denver

The AT&T Convention in Denver .

Well, you did it.

We needed to raise $60,000 by midnight yesterday.

And you blew by that early in the weekend and almost hit $70,000 by last night.

Thank you.

Your generous support helped fund stage two of our ballot access drive – fifteen states by July 20.

As promised, we have now collected enough signatures to put Nader/Gonzalez on the ballot in 15 states. Click here to see our current ballot access map.

Last month, we laid out our ambitious ballot access timetable:

Ten states by July 6.

Fifteen states by July 20.

Thirty states by August 8.

Forty states by September 1.

Forty-five states by September 15.

Thanks to you, we have met the goals of stage one and stage two on time.

In Arkasas, our road trip team along with many volunteers collected more than 2,000 signatures, more than double what was needed.

In New Jersey, a dedicated group of volunteers helped us collect more than 2,000 signatures, more than double what was needed.

And in Massachusetts, we’ve collected more than 19,000 signatures—10,000 valid are required—and are now in the midst of turning in our petitions to hundreds of towns across the state to get them verified.

We are now entering our most difficult phase—the third phase, where we are facing deadlines in an additional 15 states by August 10.

If you have been thinking of dropping what you’re doing this summer and hitting the road for Nader/Gonzalez, the next three weeks are when we need you most.

Please contact mark@votenader.org today to find out what states you can help in now.

And click here to see our day-by-day live interactive map of how our road teams are doing.

Tomorrow we will be launching a contest to build our e-mail list.

There will be a whole lot of prizes – including the grand prize of dinner with Ralph Nader.

Keep an eye on tomorrow’s e-mail for all the details.

And finally, when people ask you – why is Ralph Nader running for President?

Here’s one way to answer:

Just show them the new Democratic Party Convention bag.

And Glenn Greenwald’s most recent article – The AT&T Convention in Denver – here.

The two parties have been taken over by the corporations.

And the people need a candidacy to counter that of the two corporate parties.

That candidacy is Nader/Gonzalez.

Once again, thank you for your generous donations this week.

You helped power us over the finish line for stage two.

Onward to stage three.

The Nader Team

PS: Last week, we offered the DVD An Unreasonable Man—autographed by Ralph Nader—to anyone who donated $100 or more by yesterday midnight. Well, 242 of you came through. That offer is now closed. We will be shipping those DVDs out later this week.