Updated Election Results for Nader/Gonzalez State by State

Is Nader/Gonzalez for Real?

Is Nader/Gonzalez for Real? .

Is Nader/Gonzalez for real?

The country wants to know.

Will Nader/Gonzalez be on enough ballots in November to make a run for it?

And to be seriously considered for the Presidential debates?

We’re now on 18 state ballots, heading toward 30 by August 10 - on our way to our ultimate goal of 45 states by September 20.

And getting to thirty won’t happen unless we hit our goal of $100,000 by August 10. (Which would give us $2 million for the entire campaign year to date.)

Thanks to you, we’re at over $13,000 in just a few short days.

But we need to jack it up this week.

Donate now and watch your contribution fuel our road-trippers all around the country.

On the ground, things are heating up and the press is starting to take notice.

In West Virginia, we turned in more than 24,000 signatures (15,000 valid required).

In Montana, our road trip team collected and turned in more than 10,000 signatures (5,000 required).

We’ve also collected enough signatures to get on the ballot in Tennessee and New Jersey.

In Missouri, today we will turn in more than 20,000 signatures (10,000 valid required).

This coming week, we’re looking forward to ballot access victories in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Utah and Wyoming.

None of this would have been possible without your help.

Every time you hit the contribute button, you fuel this historic ballot access drive.

During our last two fundraising drives, you came through with flying colors.

First, we asked for $60,000. You did it - on time.

Then we asked for $70,000, and you pushed us over the top with time to spare.

Right now, we need to hit $100,000 to get us to 30 states.

These are the most crucial two weeks of the campaign.

Whether Nader/Gonzalez is for real in November depends on whether we can raise the money to pay for ballot access over the next two weeks.

Plain and simple.

So, please.

Donate now whatever you can - $10, $20, $100, $500 - to help us give America a choice in November.

For peace.

For justice.

For a safe and healthy future.

For shifting the power from the corporations, back into the hands of the people.

Together, we are making a difference.


The Nader Team

P.S. Thanks to all who participated in Saturday’s house parties. They were a great success.