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To the Editor

To the Editor .

The Web Team came across this comment on the blog for Friday, August 29th, from a Nader supporter and eyewitness to the Denver Super Rally. We’re bringing it up "above the fold" in hopes that it will inspire others to write to the Post, or to their local paper.

Great letter, Rob.

I sent this letter to the Denver Post:

To the Editor:

Last night (August 27) I attended Ralph Nader’s "Open the Debates" rally at the University of Denver to hear what Mr. Nader had to say. There were reportedly four thousand people there. In addition to Nader, speakers and performers included Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and actor Sean Penn. Green Party and Libertarian presidential candidates joined by live video feed to support opening the debates to oppostion parties.

Today I looked through the Denver Post and was surprised not to see any coverage of the event. I went through the paper a second time, and still didn’t see a single article. Did I miss it? Was it an editorial mistake? When the leading opposition candidate to the two government parties speaks in Denver to thousands of people, surely you would agree that’s newsworthy, wouldn’t you? Surely more newsworthy than, for example, "Dogged efforts win reprieve for pit bull", and "The naked truth: Strip-club business slow". What happened?


Rob Roper
Denver, Colorado