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August 29, 2008

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Letter to the Editor
The Denver Post
101 W. Colfax Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80202

Re: Nader Super Rally

To the Editor:

I participated in the Nader Super Rally at Denver University on the night of August 27. Your paper the next day was filled with gushing stories about celebrities and parties at the Democratic Convention, but could not spare so much as a note to let people know that 4,000 people turned out to hear Ralph Nader decry the blandness and triviality of the Democrats’ show. As Obama has spent the last three months moving away from every strong and principled position he had taken prior to sewing up the nomination, Nader stands alone in raising the big issues, from our bloated defense budget to NAFTA, from single-payer health care to a living wage. Meanwhile, CNN reports that Nader ranges from 6% to 8% support in the key battleground states.

Ignoring the Nader campaign may serve the interests of your large advertisers, but it is a betrayal of your public trust, and an insult to the intelligence of your readership.


Gregory Kafoury

Greg Kafoury is a trial lawyer and political activist in Portland, Oregon.