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That's Straight Talk Partner

That's Straight Talk Partner .

Hey kids, you don’t have to clean your room and throw out all of those empty beer cans after all! Sheriff McCain unsuspended his campaign and left town again for the "debate" yesterday afternoon. Yay.

Sheriff Senator John McCain "suspended" his campaign Thursday to come back to town to whip everyone in line to solve the bailout crisis. Country First, you see. Nice stunt from the branding boys. No debating merits of solution to meltdown. Just get in line everybody! And support the McCain Economic Plan to Nowhere.

The Sheriff Senator, however, did not mention how he, who has been Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee for the past 500 years, would be able to offer a silver bullet to a crisis to which he has contributed abundantly. And we didn’t see any welcome party of his colleagues at National Airport. Country Firsters must be Country Lasters.

So yesterday Sheriff Senator McCain "unsuspended" his campaign and flew straight to Memphis and later drove to Mississippi for the so-called debates. Don’t know if he flew on the Straight Talk Express or the Country First Express, but no matter, you don’t have to clean your room after all.