Updated Election Results for Nader/Gonzalez State by State

Gallup's Black Box

Gallup's Black Box .

We do fairly poorly on the Gallup poll, generally registering less than 1 percent (or about 5 times less than the recent WSJ poll).  This is probably because they don’t mention Ralph Nader’s name in the question—just Obama and McCain.

So I phoned up Gallup’s Editor-in-Chief (609-924-9600), and asked him if they had any kind of objective threshold which we could strive toward so that Ralph Nader’s name could be included as part of the primary question.  

His answer: "No. We use our internal judgment to decide. We do some open-ended questions and variety of other criteria, and then our editorial team makes a decision." I asked if there were any ballpark levels of support in the open-ended question they looked to as a threshold, and he repeated his mantra, that it was subject to "internal judgment criteria," and then jumped off to take another call.

He was kind enough to leave me with his e-mail to follow up. Anyone who wants to let Newport know what you think of his internal judegment, please call him or e-mail him at frank_newport@gallup.com.