Updated Election Results for Nader/Gonzalez State by State

Galluping Through the Spin

Galluping Through the Spin .

Small Victory—Congratulations.

Gallup’s spin is, "We include Nader’s name, but the media exclude him." Nice try Gallup. That’s 50.5% true. Big media excludes Nader. But over 99.5% of the people Gallup poll never hear the name Nader—or any of the other third party candidates for that matter.

Gallup had been asking: McCain, Obama, Neither, or Other. Less than 0.5% say "other," compared to 3-5% who say ‘Nader’ when his name is included in the main question.

Last week, we asked you, our supporters, to contact Gallup to ask why they were not including us in their poll question.

Hundreds of you called Gallup directly.

Gallup listened to you. They had Nader and the other third Party candidates listed by name in their poll out this week.

Support for third party candidates explicitly named, increased tenfold over Gallup’s previous methodology employed in their daily polls, which had third party candidates registering less than half a percent combined vote.


Toby Heaps
The Nader Team