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Nader Buffalo T-Shirt Blow Out Sale

Nader Buffalo T-Shirt Blow Out Sale .

News Flash!

The Nader Buffalo T-Shirt Sale was a total blowout.

In less than 24 hours this weekend, we sold out our entire inventory of 600 Nader Buffalo T-Shirts at $20 each.

So, we called our t-shirt guy and said — t-shirt guy, how quickly can you print another 1,000?

And he said — we can get it to you this week — but it’s going to cost you.

This will probably be our last printing.

And if you want one — or if you want another one — you need to get it now (men’s or women’s).

So, donate $30 now to Nader/Gonzalez, and we’ll ship you the newly printed, heavy-duty 100 percent cotton Nader Buffalo T-Shirt (men’s or women’s).

(The price jumped to $30 because it’s a rush final order.)

These are definitely going to be a collector’s item.

And we want you — our loyal supporters — wearing them in the last days of the campaign.

So, if you haven’t bought one yet, do so now (men’s or women’s).

And if you have bought one, buy another (men’s or women’s).

Nader Buffalo T-Shirt Blow Out Sale

For your children.

Or grandchildren.

Or cousins.

Or friends.

Or neighbors (men’s or women’s).

Some day, maybe some day soon, the Buffalo — powerful, persistent and forward-looking — will rise to challenge the donkey and the elephant.

You can say you were on the ground floor.

When the Buffalo was first introduced.

As the mascot for the American civic renewal.

Within days, the last printing of the Nader Buffalo T-Shirt will be out of print.

So, don’t miss out (men’s or women’s).

Buy your Nader Buffalo T-Shirt now (men’s or women’s).

And wear it with pride. 

Join the movement to upend the political status quo.

Onward to November.

The Nader Team