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Unsafe at Any Speed

Unsafe at Any Speed .

Fifty years ago, Ralph Nader was a student at Harvard Law School.

He wrote a seminal article for the Harvard Law Record titled: The American Automobile: Designed for Death? (December 11, 1958)

That led directly to the publication in 1965 of Ralph’s first book — Unsafe at Any Speed.

It was the book that launched the modern consumer movement.

Today, you can have both of these historic documents — and help propel the Nader/Gonzalez revolutionary movement for political change toward election day — November 4th.

Here’s how:

If you donate $4, or $40, or $400 — any amount with a 4 in it, to Nader/Gonzalez by midnight tonight — tomorrow we will e-mail to you a scanned copy of Ralph’s historic 1958 article from the Harvard Law Record.

This article is not available anywhere on the web and is bound to become a collector’s item.

And if you donate $100 or more, we will ship to you the beautiful hardcover 40th anniversary edition of Unsafe at Any Speed — the American classic that saved hundreds of thousands of lives — autographed by Ralph.

There are only a limited number of copies of this book still available on the market. So act now to secure your autographed copy. (This book offer ends November 4, 2008 at 11:59 p.m.)

Today, our two party system is unsafe at any speed.

Thanks to you — our loyal and generous supporters — we have exposed the two parties for the corporate fronts that they are.

And together, we have launched a new American revolution that will lead to the demise of both corrupt political parties.

Soon, we will be on the winning side of American history.

We have raised $3.8 million for the Nader/Gonzalez campaign so far this year.

And we need to hit $4 million by election day.

So, donate now whatever you can afford (remember it has to have a 4 in it) and we’ll e-mail to you Ralph’s Harvard Law Record article.

And if you donate $100 or more now, we will ship to you the hardcover 40th anniversary edition of Unsafe at Any Speed — autographed by Ralph.

Onward to November

The Nader Team