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Breaking Point: Obama Unmasked As An Economic Pirate

Breaking Point: Obama Unmasked As An Economic Pirate .

I’ve spent my entire life undecided. Sitting on the sidelines. Researching. Listening to the talking points from both sides of the aisle, trying to determine which political party best represents /my/ ideals, should the time come to finally align myself. This year that time has come, and I’ve reached the ultimate conclusion: it is neither.

It was already a foregone conclusion that the Republicans were not a party that I wanted to be associated with. These last eight years all but made that decision crystal clear. But what of the Democrats? I remember reading articles years ago, in Newsweek and Time, about an up-and-coming politician from Illinois named Barack Obama. I was immediately impressed with his integrity. Here was a man with fresh ideas about hope and change, about uniting instead of dividing, about moving past "politics as usual”- a real Buck Stops Here™ kind of guy.

Suffice it to say, over the past several months I came to see that this integrity would gradually erode as November 4th loomed closer. I guess you can say my breaking point came when Obama had a golden opportunity presented to him to prove once and for all that he was the REAL candidate of change: the Corporate Bailout. He could have stood up to the White House. He could have stood up to Congress. He could have stood up to Wall Street and said NO- I will NOT endorse! But what happened? When the time came to act, he couldn’t put pen to paper fast enough. The buck passed right through him. OUR buck.

It was finally apparent that neither party cares about OUR best interests as they so adamantly claim. Only our dollars, our consciousness, and our votes. Well, they’re not getting mine. It wasn’t until I read an article a few months ago on the Onion A/V Club website that I even knew Ralph Nader was again running for President. I knew of Ralph’s legacy. And I know that he has never, EVER given up his fight for the rights and well-being of all Americans. But why was I first learning of his 2008 candidacy here? Why not on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC or even msn.com!?!?!? Some Democracy we live in! I have been coming to votenader.org every day since, and have been truly inspired by Ralph and Matt’s words, as well as those of the commenters and contributors around the country who feel the same way I do. The corporate-owned, self-involved, ethically-bankrupt two-party system will NEVER right this ship that has blown way off course. They’ll just keep filling its coffers with stolen booty until it ultimately sinks.

I haven’t been on this planet as long as most. I haven’t lived through as many Presidential elections, wars, and social changes as most. But if I have learned one thing in all of my life’s experiences, it’s that real change /can/ happen. Real change /will/ happen. When I was in high school I was constantly ridiculed by my peers for wearing baggy pants. Now they all sport the style. When I was in junior high I was harassed verbally and even physically just for riding a skateboard. Now it is an Olympic sport. Women and African-Americans were once barred from entering the voting booth. Now, their votes are heavily and aggressively courted every four years. Today many of my family, friends and coworkers snicker and consider me foolish for endorsing a Third-party candidate. Well…we’ll see how long it takes for them to reach /their/ breaking point and come around as well.

Thank you Ralph! Thank you Matt! Thank you TEAM!


—Brian L. Vicini,
  Chapel Hill, NC

Photo above provided by a supporter.

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Loralynne Krobetzky
Communications Director
Nader for President 2008