Updated Election Results for Nader/Gonzalez State by State

Open the Debates! Talk Radio

Make your voice heard on a national call-in radio show.

Here is contact information and hints for some of the national shows.  If you have program information or hints to add, please e-mail them to action@votenader.org.

C-SPAN’s Washington Journal

Format: Round-table discussion with listener call-ins regarding the latest events in Washington, D.C. The show features interviews and call-ins with public policy makers and journalists. There is no permanent host.

Laura Ingraham on Talk Radio Network

The Rusty Humphries Show on Talk Radio Network

Organization Profile: Host Rusty Humphries brings to America a fast-paced, issue-oriented, caller-driven talk show. Rusty’s unique talent can make listeners laugh one minute and cry the next as he challenges them on the hottest topics of the day. His matter-of-fact, common sense and high-energy delivery is both entertaining and informative.

John Elliott Hosts This is America on Air America Radio Network

Organization Profile: Jon Elliott, the most dangerous liberal in America, entertains listeners with daily news, commentary and engaging interviews with notable politicians, authors and media professionals.

Neal Boortz Show on Cox Radio

Organization Profile: Nationally syndicated issues-talk show devoted to current affairs. Hard-hitting, irreverent, and engaging talk show with centrist bent. The syndication of the show is a joint venture with Jones Radio Networks.

The Ed Schultz Show

Call-in Hints: There is no screener. Callers can expect 30 seconds to a minute. Think of it as a soapbox and not to convince him — speak to his audience.

The Mike Malloy Show

Call-In Hints: There is a screener. He often doesn’t take calls until the third hour and some people wait for up to an hour-and-a-half.