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Nader Demands to be Included in Debates

Thursday, September 25, 2008 at 12:00:00 AM

Press Release
Contact: (Washington) Toby Heaps, 202-471-5833, toby@votenader.org


For the economy's sake, there is no choice but to end war and make peace.

On the eve of the first Presidential debate on foreign policy and in the midst of the biggest economic meltdown since 1929, Ralph Nader presents a simple solution for fixing the biggest hole in the taxpayer's pocket and challenges McCain/Obama to debate him on it.

"My campaign is on the ballot in 45 states and is polling at around 5 percent nationally, higher in several key swing states. I have earned a podium in the debates, and, unlike McCain and Obama, my foreign policy brings our soldiers back from Iraq and Afghanistan. This will save us a few hundred billion dollars in direct and deferred costs each year."

Mr. Nader elaborated: "The fact that a candidate can call for changing the date of the debate only two days before it is scheduled indicates how easy it would be for the candidates to also call for the inclusion of the leading third party and independent candidates, which would bring fresh ideas to the table on how our country can most effectively tackle this heavy economic challenge, starting with curbing our imperialist foreign policy."

Please see Ralph Nader's case to open up the debates in today's edition of USA Today

Nader and Obama Girl join forces to open up debates
(check Youtube for this video after 2pm)

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