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Nader Hails Pickens Energy Plan in Letter to McCain and Obama 07/11/08

Nader to Campaign in North Carolina 07/11/08

Nader to Campaign in Richmond, VA 07/11/08

Nader to Campaign in Charlottesville, Va.  07/11/08

The Nader/Gonzalez Campaign Asks -- Where Was McCain? AWOL for the Senate Domestic Spying Vote 07/10/08

Nader to Limbaugh, Get Off Welfare 07/10/08

Nader Calls on Penn AG to Expand Political Corruption Investigation, Calls for Similar Probes in Oregon, Ohio, Illinois 07/10/08

Nader-Gonzalez Campaign Opposes Senate FISA Vote 07/09/08

Nader to Campaign in North Carolina 07/08/08

Nader to Campaign in Richmond, VA 07/08/08

Nader-Gonzalez Submit Signatures for Nevada Ballot 07/03/08

Nader at 6 percent in CNN Poll 07/02/08

Nader to Campaign in Hawaii July 3 07/02/08

Nader/Gonzalez Declare Victory in Illinois 06/30/08

Nader Responds to Obama 06/25/08

Nader/Gonzalez Submit Signatures for Illinois Ballot Line 06/20/08

Nader Launches New York Ballot Drive with Rally and News Conference 06/17/08

Ralph Nader Challenges Al Gore To Make His Obama Endorsement Count 06/16/08

Nader Launches New York Ballot Drive with Rally and News Conference 06/16/08

Nader Statement on Ron Paul 06/13/08

Nader the Real Choice for Anti-War Voters 06/13/08

Nader Files in Colorado 06/12/08


Nader at 6 percent In AP Poll 06/09/08

Nader/Gonzalez Campaign Calls on Obama/McCain to Oppose Menthol Loophole 06/07/08

Nader Supports 16 Year-Old Vote 06/05/08

Nader Challenges Obama on AIPAC, Gaza 06/04/08

Nader Cambridge Press Conference and Rally 06/03/08

Nader Concord Press Conference 06/03/08

Providence News Conference and Book Signing 06/03/08

Correction To Nader Concord Press Conference 06/03/08

Portland Maine News Conference and Rally 06/03/08

Middletown Press Release 06/03/08

Nader Arizona Petition Submission Press Release 06/03/08

Cluster Bombs Legislation 05/30/08

Nader Says No to Nuclear Power 05/27/08

Nader Calls for Bush-Cheney Resignation 05/22/08

Nader Asks McCain - Are You Still Good on Your Promises from 2000? 05/20/08

Nader Calls Pennsylvania Turnpike Deal a Giveaway to Foreign Corporations, Big Banks 05/20/08

Nader/Gonzalez Campaign to Protest Oil Industry Price Gouging 05/16/08