Updated Election Results for Nader/Gonzalez State by State

Win Dinner with Ralph - Leader board

The contest has ended

Thank you for participating in our contest. You managed to reach out to over 20,000 people over the last two weeks. That’s incredible!

UPDATE: The winners of the Win Dinner with Ralph E-mail Contest are now confirmed.

Winners 1-20 are listed below. We will be listing all people who recruited at least 20 supporters over the coming days. We will be contacting all winners by e-mail with information on how to redeem your prize. Please keep your eye out for that e-mail.

1st place - Dinner with Mr. Nader
Name Friends recruited
Ramy Mousa 379
2nd place - Dinner with Mr. Gonzalez
Name Friends recruited
Anna Chambers 135
3rd place - Invite to the Election Night Party in Washington, DC.
Name Friends recruited
Scott Keddy 116
4th - 20th place winners
Name Friends recruited
Carine Elmasri 88
Lissette Galvan 74
Joey Wilson 58
Eric Coley 56
Justin Hundsnurscher 56
Jon Hain 53
Hakim Husein 52
Maureen Smith 49
James Antaki 49
Ryan Ruyle 46
Jeffrey Caffee 45
Lisbeth Wells-Pratt 44
Jeff Morrison 38
Puqui Rojas 38
Edward Tatton 37
Aaron Lotz 37
Mike Condon 37