Why Should You Contribute to the Nader Campaign?

Simple: Because Ralph Nader is the only candidate in favor of actual change.

Right…But Why Do You Need to Give Ralph Nader Money? And Why Today?

Right. Great. So why is it so important you give him money?

Because he is the only presidential candidate who supports:

So there’s the issues. There’s that.

But beyond even that, you need to donate to the Nader campaign today because he is the only candidate capable of broadening the discussion and actually governing.

Not just running for office while in office, but actually governing. Showing up every day, trying to make people’s lives better.

What’s at Stake:

Q: If on your first day in office as president, you had one trillion dollars to spend, what would be your priorities?
    A: [My priorities would be]:
  1. I’d rebuild public works - all those things underground. Mass transit and public transit should be built in city after city.
  2. I’d do more to abolish child poverty.
  3. I’d upgrade preventive health care.

That’s what’s on the table:

Those are the stakes. Those are the stakes, and the system’s broken.

Help us fix it. Contribute to the Nader campaign today