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How About Taxpayer Appreciation Day? 04/11/08

How About Taxpayer Appreciation Day?

April 15 is around the corner.

Could the corporate executives of this country please stand up and show a little appreciation?

To the taxpayers who subsidize them? And bail them out?

How about the $30 billion bailout of reckless Bear Stearns as the most recent and egregious example?

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Jimmy Carter 04/10/08

Jimmy Carter

Once again, former President Jimmy Carter is to be commended for taking the initiative toward resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The announcement that he will meet next week in Damascus with Khaled Meshal, the leader of Hamas, is consonant with a March 1, 2008 poll by the leading Israeli newspaper - Haaretz - that found 64 percent of Israelis favor direct talks with Hamas. Only 28 percent were opposed. (Hamas was created years ago with the critical support of both the Israeli and U.S. governments as a counterweight to the Palestine Liberation Organization.)

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Polly Wanna Cracker? 04/09/08

Polly Wanna Cracker?

Polly wanna cracker?


Polly wanna end to the corporate and military occupation of Iraq.

Polly wanna cut the bloated, wasteful military budget.

Polly wanna single payer, Canadian style, private delivery, public health insurance system.

Polly fed up with the corrupt two party corporate political machine.

Polly wanna you to support the Nader/Gonzalez agenda which would subordinate corporate power to the power of the people.

Polly wanna you to donate now to Nader/Gonzalez.

Polly wanna you to watch this video to check her take on the state of the world.

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Shameful 04/07/08


It is just shameful that prominent American liberals continue to support the corrupt Democratic Party.

People like Eric Alterman, Medea Benjamin, David Corn, Ariana Huffington, Robert Kuttner, Victor Navasky, Harold Meyerson, Morton Mintz, Wes Boyd, John Nichols, Katha Pollitt, Jesse Jackson, Matthew Rothschild, Bernie Sanders, Micah Sifry, Robert McChesney, James Fallows, Markos Moulitsas and Katrina vanden Heuvel (pictured here).

These Americans - like the majority of Americans - support the Nader/Gonzalez agenda.

They agree with us on the need for a single-payer, Canadian-style, private delivery, public health insurance system.

They agree with us on cutting the bloated, wasteful military budget, cutting off the corporate welfare kings - and using the savings to rebuild the nation's infrastructure.

They agree with us on cracking down on corporate crime.

They agree with us on reversing U.S. policy in the Middle East and ending the military and corporate occupation in Iraq.

On the major issues of our time - they agree with Nader/Gonzalez.

Yet they continue to side with the corrupt Democratic Party.

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Put Impeachment on the Table 04/04/08

Put Impeachment on the Table

As you know, Obama, Clinton and McCain have taken impeachment of Bush and Cheney off the table.

Nader/Gonzalez want to put it back on.

Our campaign will be impeachment central for this momentous election year.

No one should be above the law - especially chronic violators.

We're building a nationwide campaign to end the corrupt two party duopoly and pressure the complicit Democrats to do their sworn duty and impeach the two unaccountable outlaws in the White House.

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Democrats are a Disaster 04/03/08

Democrats are a Disaster

The Democrats are just another corporate party.

As such, they are a disaster for the American people.

If you had any lingering doubts about this, check out the front page of the Wall Street Journal yesterday.

The article is titled: Business Donors Bypass McCain, Democrats Rake In Cash From Industry by Brody Mullins.

Mullins reports that both Obama and Clinton have been cleaning McCain's clock "among business interests that give mainly to Republicans."

Of seven major industries that have been the most reliable Republican resources, McCain has raised $13.1 million through February, compared with $22.5 million for Obama and $27.1 million for Clinton, the Journal reported.

Now, ask yourself - if the Democrats were the party of the people, if they were truly going to make the corporations serve the American people, would the corporate executives be dumping millions into their campaigns?

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Over the Rainbow 04/02/08

Over the Rainbow

If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow
Why oh why can’t I?

The aim of the Nader/Gonzalez campaign?

Stick it to both corrupt corporate parties in 2008.

In every state in the union.

Yesterday, we rang the bell in New Mexico.

A couple of weeks ago, you – our loyal supporters – donated more than $10,000 over the course of a short couple of days to fund our ballot drive in New Mexico.

As soon as you donated the money, we sent out our volunteers to New Mexico.

And yesterday, at the state capitol in Sante Fe, our volunteers turned in 6,747 signatures – more than twice the number needed to put Nader/Gonzalez on the ballot in New Mexico.

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Reflections on New Mexico 04/01/08

Reflections on New Mexico

This spring break, we decided to go road-tripping for Ralph to get him on the ballot in New Mexico. We drove over 1000 miles and collected nearly 1000 registered voters’ signatures. Math and physics students at CU and the Colorado School of Mines, we were excited to participate in democracy and support our favorite candidate.

Although we were long time followers of Ralph and believed strongly in his message, we had never taken such an active role in supporting a candidate or cause before. The idea of walking up to complete strangers and asking them to sign our petition was honestly a bit scary at first.

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Matthew Rothschild, Corporate Democrat 03/31/08

Matthew Rothschild, Corporate Democrat

You have to wonder about self-proclaimed "progressives."

Take Matthew Rothschild, for example.

He’s a self-proclaimed progressive.

He’s the editor of the so-called Progressive Magazine.

He has written an editorial in the current issue (April 2008) of the magazine titled "Don’t Worry About Ralph."

In it, Rothschild claims that "to the extent that there is anything like a progressive movement going on right now, it is foursquare behind Obama."

Rothschild must be plugged in.

The question is - to what?

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Don’t Listen to Senator Leahy 03/28/08

Don’t Listen to Senator Leahy

Senator Clinton:

Just read where Senator Patrick Leahy is calling on you to drop out of the Presidential race.

Believe me.

I know something about this.

Here’s my advice:

Don’t listen to people when they tell you not to run anymore.

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