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Public Insurance, Private Delivery 03/28/08

Public Insurance, Private Delivery

According to a national poll that will be released next week, 59 percent of doctors in the United States want a single-payer, public insurance, private delivery, Canadian-style national health insurance system.

That's up ten percent from five years ago.

Nurses agree.

As do the overwhelming majority of Americans.

Doctors say yes.

Nurses say yes.

The American people say yes.

Nader/Gonzalez says yes.

But the insurance industry continues to say no.

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New Mexico Roadtrip Update 03/26/08

New Mexico Roadtrip Update

It’s been one week since we arrived in New Mexico with our crew of 10: Mark, Vaughn, Adam, Emily B., Tom, Lewis, Brian, Ben, Emily P., and Mike.

After setting up HQ in Albuquerque, we’ve been up and down the historic Route 66 fighting for democracy and gathering the thousands of signatures needed to place Nader and Gonzalez on the ballot.

From the crowded downtown Albuquerque streets on St. Patty’s Day, to the Frontier Restaurant and Old Town shopping center on Easter Sunday—we’ve interacted with literally thousands of people on a daily basis. This trip has given us the opportunity to truly engage with America. And not the America of Hollywood back-lots or McDonald’s TV ads. But the America of families and friends, educators and learners, dreamers and go-getters.

Of course, life on the road isn’t always so peachy.

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Amusing Ourselves to Death 03/26/08

Amusing Ourselves to Death

Computer screens.

Monster plasma televisions.


Video games.

Are we amusing ourselves to death?

Isn't it time we got off the couch?

And begin an outdoors movement to take back the country?

From the corporate Republicans and corporate Democrats?

Isn't it time to put away the screens, and the video games?

And get out and get some fresh air?

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Who Will Take On Wall Street? 03/24/08

Who Will Take On Wall Street?

Dear Paul Krugman:

Just read your column in today's New York Times.

The column poses the question - "Who's Willing to Take on Wall Street?"

a) John McCain. No, you say - too close to Wall Street's deregulators.

b) Barack Obama. Apparently not, you say - no clear commitment to reform.

c) Hillary Clinton. Apparently not, you say - no clear commitment to reform.

As you point out, the investment industry is "pouring money" into the campaigns of Clinton and Obama.

And as you point out - "These donors surely believe that they're buying something in return."

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Corrupt Democrats 03/24/08

Corrupt Democrats

What do -

Code Pink

Move On

The Nation

The Progressive

In These Times

And the liberal intelligentsia have in common?

They all see clearly that the Democrats will not get us out of Iraq.

They all see clearly that the Democrats will not crack down on corporate crime.

They all see clearly that the Democrats will not support a single payer national health insurance system.

They all see clearly that the Democrats will not cut the bloated, wasteful military budget.

And yet, they refuse to stand up to the Democrats and say - out!

Get out!

Get out now!

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Jenna and Barbara 03/21/08

Jenna and Barbara

President Bush believes that the war in Iraq is "worth the sacrifice."

The question then becomes - sacrifice by whom?

What about George Bush’s daughters - Jenna and Barbara?

Prince Harry served in Afghanistan.

Senator Jim Webb and Senator John McCain each have a son who has served in Iraq.

During World War II four of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s sons entered the armed forces, as did General Eisenhower’s son, John Eisenhower.

No double standard for them.

So, why not Jenna and Barbara Bush?

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Night and Day 03/19/08

Night and Day

Five years ago today.

The United States launched

A criminal invasion of Iraq.

Five years later

More than a million Iraqis dead.

Almost 4,000 Americans dead.

Hundreds of thousands seriously injured.

Millions uprooted.

The destruction of a country.

The undermining of the rule of law.

What to do?

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Spitzer v. Bush 03/18/08

Spitzer v. Bush

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer gets caught with a hooker.

The Republicans call for his impeachment.

Spitzer resigns within a week.

Bush engages the country in a criminal war in Iraq.

More than a million Iraqis are killed.

Almost 4,000 Americans are killed.

Tens of thousands are seriously injured.

Five years go by.

Obama/Clinton/McCain take impeachment off the table.

Bush and Cheney go free.

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Debate Nader 03/17/08

Debate Nader

Zogby International released a poll yesterday.

It showed McCain 45, Clinton 39, Nader 6 percent.

And it showed McCain 44, Obama 39, and Nader 5 percent.

"Nader's presence in the race can potentially turn a lulu of a race into an absolute tizzy," said pollster John Zogby. "The messages to Democrats are clear – number one, Nader may win enough support to get into the general election debates. Number two, what could be at risk is support among several key constituencies that the Democratic Party candidate will need to win in November, notably younger voters, independents, and progressives."

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War with Iran 03/14/08

War with Iran

War with Iran.

For Nader/Gonzalez, it’s off the table.

For Clinton/Obama/McCain - "all options must be on the table."

Nader/Gonzalez would take war with Iran off the table and call for full court diplomacy.

Clinton/Obama/McCain would keep options of war with Iran squarely on the table.

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