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Vice President 02/27/08

Vice President

Photo: Matt Bradley

Ralph’s VP running mate is coming to town tonight.

Tomorrow at noon, Ralph and his running mate will appear together at a press conference in downtown Washington.

And tomorrow evening, they will speak at George Washington University.

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Let the Chips Fall 02/27/08

Let the Chips Fall

The attacks are starting.

Nader will cost Obama or Clinton the election.

It will be Nader’s fault if perpetual war McCain becomes president.

That’s what they say.

But once again, they are wrong.

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Single Payer 02/25/08

Single Payer

The majority of Americans want a:

Single payer

Medicare for all

Canadian style

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Birthday Boy 02/25/08

Birthday Boy


Don't tell anyone, but on Wednesday, it's Ralph's birthday.

Ralph will be 74 years young, fighting for the good of the people.

On Meet the Press Sunday, Tim Russert asked Ralph about his age.

"The only true aging is the erosion of one's ideals," Ralph said.

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Maybe Hillary's Onto Something 02/24/08

Maybe Hillary's Onto Something

Senator Hillary Clinton has accused Senator Barack Obama of making "false and discredited mailings.”

Maybe Hillary is on to something.

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Green Agenda 02/24/08

Green Agenda

Ralph told the media today after "Meet the Press" that he will decide within the coming days how he is going to run for President in terms of ballot access. On "Meet the Press" he mentioned The Green Party positively multiple times thus helping put The Green Party out to "Meet The Press's" five million plus viewers.

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Civics Test 02/24/08

Civics Test

Over the past few months, we’ve heard a lot of rhetoric about change, hope, courage and experience from Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain.

But what about the facts on the ground?

Take a moment to test your civics knowledge in this election year.

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Mr. Frugal 02/23/08

Mr. Frugal

We read in the New York Times yesterday that Hillary Clinton's campaign spent $3.8 million on one consulting firm in January alone.

The Times reported that other Democratic political consultants called this amount "stunning."

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